Birmingham has become an iconic food city that is well-known around the South and the nation, but here’s an astounding fact: Our Magic City never had a publication completely dedicated to food. 

Now it does! 

Bham Bread & Butter will tell stories of restaurants, bars, chefs, recipes, foodies, food events, food industry, food-related travel and more. You will read personal experiences from the best journalists in Birmingham. The magazine will champion those who have put Birmingham on the food map like Frank Stitt, Chris Hastings, Martie Duncan and others. Bham Bread & Butter will celebrate those who love and support our food community.

BB&B is not just a publication, it’s a Movement. The timing for BB&B is impeccable. As the first issue premieres in October of 2020, chefs, restaurants and the food industry itself will be trying to bounce back from the Covid-19 economic downturn. BB&B will support those chefs and restaurateurs with stories about their resilience and perseverance. The publication will be known as the one that gave back to our food mavens by sharing their incredible stories. 

With more than 25,000 readers in print and tens of thousands more on our digital platforms, the BB&B’s Movement philosophy will result in a wonderful exchange among our valued readers, our phenomenal subjects and our treasured advertisers. Everyone will feel moved to empower the culinary heroes featured and the advertisers profiled. 

In the first issue, premiering this October, you will these stories and more:

  1. Sister Schubert on Rolls, Home and that Wobbly Wooden Kitchen Chair
  2. Frank Stitt Emerges a World-Renowned Chef
  3. Oversoul Brewing Offers Beer . . . and Soul
  4. The Market at Pepper Place Celebrates 20 Years
  5. Experience the Best of Fin & Fork at Orange Beach
  6. Both People and Food Grow at Jones Valley Teaching Farms 

We would be honored for you to join this wonderful Movement as Bham Bread & Butter emerges as a true representative of the astonishing talents we have in the Magic City.

Culinarily yours,

Karim Shamsi-Basha